Recommended Resources

Osteopathic Related Sites
Wikipedia on Osteopathy – : Encyclopedia of the web. Entries on Osteopathy.
American Academy of Osteopathy – : The mission of the American Academy of Osteopathy is to teach, advocate, and research the science, art and philosophy of osteopathic medicine, emphasizing the integration of osteopathic principles, practice and manipulative treatment in patient care.
PRRT – Pain Relief Reflex Treatment – John Iams, PT developed a clinically effective and easy-to-learn antomical and physiological model for re-programming reflex activity. Of the many different techniques I have studied over the years, PRRT helps many of patients and solves some tough clinical challenges.

Homeopathy Related Sites
Homeopathy Home – : a world directory, commercial and other web links and a full reference library.
Wikipedia on Homeopathy – : Encyclopedia of the web. Entries on homeopathy.
National Center for Homeopathy – : The National Center for Homeopathy is an open-membership organization whose mission is to promote health through homeopathy.

Ungrouped links
The Cutting Edge Catalog – : An important resource for health related products to protect us from our increasingly polluted environment.
Holographic Blood Analysis – : Bigelsen Academy.