Patient Testimonials

November 18, 2019

Oct 2019

When I came to Dr. Davidson I had a prolapsed uterus and back pain. On the first visit, Dr. Davidson was able to strength the ligiments to the uterus. It is completely back in alignment. My ob-gyn thought it would be necessary to do a hysterectomy, which I don't need now. I was pleased beyond words. I still have some back pain. He is working on that and it is getting better. I am so happy that I am a patient of Dr. Davidson. Thank you so much.

Thank you,

-Betsy Clifton

November 18, 2019

Dr Davidson has extensive skills and gifts like no other medical professional I've ever experienced.

When I first saw Dr Davidson for help I was in extreme pain. 4 weeks earlier I'd had an unfortunate horse riding accident that left me with 4 titanium plates surgically installed to help 10 broken ribs heal up. I had punctured a lung and my hips and pelvis were way out of place and I sustained fractured vertebra in my lower back and was healing from severe internal bleeding at the time if the accident. The emotional and mental trauma were just as bad off. I was a healing mess in a lot of pain.

In just the very first session Dr Davidson very gently and skillfully put my dislocated ribs back where they belong and the sharp knife like pain was greatly relieved. He also very gently realigned my pelvic girdle and arm mobility. The homeopathic remedies he has prescribed also helped tremendously.

He works very gently but with very pronounced and powerful results every time.

I was able to stop all pain meds sooner than expected by my regular doctor with Dr Davidson's treatments as well as the homeopathic assistance I needed.

He has not only treated the recent extensive injuries but has been able to help me heal old injuries from as far back as 40 years ago that hadn't healed properly because I hadn't had this kind of deep treatment that addresses everything, the ligaments, fascia, muscles, joints, bones, meridians everything involved in a balanced system.

It feels like he can see, hear and feel so much more than other doctors or healers I've been to over the years. I'm sure 40 plus years of experience has everything to do with that.

I feel I have been healing on more than just the physical level. The normal and expected grieving and releasing process from having experienced extreme near death trauma has been greatly assisted in its progress by Dr Davidson's professional care and expert treatments.

His compassionate nature conbined with years of experience using and teaching his vast skills quickly and painlessly executed a healing experience that has gone above and beyond any medical professional or healing experience I've ever encountered before. The healing is deep.

I have only stayed in the area as long as I have because I value this rare opportunity to receive treatments from such a skilled Dr as he. Many years of only partially healed trauma have been healing along with the recent accident and I will be forever grateful for this chance at full healing at last.

Thank you and bless you Dr Davidson,

-Michele R Smith

November 18, 2019

"Complete miracle worker. Our unborn daughter was given little to no hope by five other doctors before we found Dr. D. She was suspected of having microcephaly from possible exposure to the Zika virus. Her head was in less than the second percentile and had shown no significant growth in 9 weeks when we began seeing Dr. D at 29 weeks. Three weeks after he worked on her in utero, her head had grown 10 percent. By birth her head was in the 43rd percentile and she is perfectly normal. All five other specialists told us she would have a severe deformity and disabilities.” Review originally posted on Facebook

-Nicolette Beeler

November 18, 2019

It was my privilege to meet Dr. Davidson in the early eighties at medical meeting at Phoenix General Hospital. Steve has a way of making strangers into friends. For me and my family, this has proven to be a profound blessing. We have benefited greatly from his unique effective "neurofascial" release treatment.

One example: My son is a physician in Las Vegas. He developed a painful very disabling low back pain and an MRI indicated to a competent orthopedic surgeon that he would need extensive back surgery with fusion of several lumbar vertebrae. I insisted that he get on a plane and come to Phoenix to see our friend, Dr. Steve Davidson. My son arrived in a wheel chair. After one treatment, he was able to get up and move around, sit, stand and feel no pain. This was several years ago and he has done well to the amazement of the orthopedist that he occasionally encounters.

-Murray Schreiber, D.O.

November 18, 2019

Dear Reader.

I am a 45 year—old woman who has suffered with swelling in my knees for the past 15 years.
I am a teacher and a tennis player and can*t live without playing.
I lived with the swelling for 11 years. I was sent to a doctor that (after many tests) didn’t know what was causing the swelling. He told me that I would need exploratory surgery to figure it out. After surgery, the doctor said that I had rheumatoid arthritis and that I should see another doctor. The Rheumatologist said that I really did not have rheumatoid but we would try the treatment.

The treatment involved taking the drugs Plaquinel and Motrin. I took those drugs for about 4 years. They worked on and off. I had a flair this spring and I was very depressed.

Mv Mom found Dr. Stephen Davidson (my hero) and sent me to him.

Dr. Davidson does Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He looked at my body as a whole, he noticed that my hips were out of alignment (something no other doctor has ever noticed before). Dr. Davidson explained that my hips were causing my knee swelling.

He did his gentle "magic". I really didn*t feel much, but noticed that I felt taller when I walked. I have progressively gotten better with my visits. My range of motion with my knees is better than it has been for 15 years. I am off all medications and am playing lots of tennis.

I call Dr. Davidson "The Healer". He reminds me that it is called Osteopathy. He has worked to learn these "healing" techniques for over 30 years. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers.


November 18, 2019

Dear Dr. Davidson:

I just wanted to thank you. With all the trouble I had with my arm and shoulder with that incredibly incapacitating pinched nerve, I never thought I'd be able to work comfortably (and yes, hour upon hour, as is my want!) You already know I sought and received treatment from the “best” doctors in Arizona, but none of them ultimately cured the problem...until now!

You and your little white homeopathic pills saved the day...the year! Who'd have thought?! I take two “Stannum 200” in the morning and then have NO cramping or discomfort in my arm all day. As a result, I can blissfully work from morning to night once again. I'm truly grateful.

You've made a convert to homeopathy! For a non-pill taker such as me, taking those little white pills these last four months was a big deal. It's very reassuring to know that unlike regular medicine, I can take these forever with no side effects. Thank you!!!


~Linda Strauss

November 18, 2019

Dear Steve,

I am remiss in sending you a response thanking you for your help in my healing at the February NVC conference in Albuquerque. I just wanted to let you know what a blessing it has been in my life.

Thirty six years ago I fell approximately 50 feet (5 stories) on a construction project in Nebraska. As a result of the fall, my pelvis was fractured and misaligned and my left leg was short. Through extensive surgeries, the leg length was corrected but I still wore a I inch lift on my left shoe to enable me to walk. Even then, I walked with a limp. If I walked without my shoe more than just across the house, my back would hurt and I would be in pain. Without my shoe I walked with my right leg bent all the time to correct for the pelvic discrepancy.

During the third day of the conference you came up to me and told me you wanted to talk to me. You noticed my problem and told me that my pelvis was out of alignment. After some conversation you asked me to come to your room, take my shoes off so you could see that was happening and then you asked me to lay on the bed on my stomach. After working with me for ten to fifteen minutes you asked me to stand. I did and you saw that my hips and pelvis were even. You told me to go to the store and buy some new shoes. And I did. You later explained to me that my pelvis had been twisted and that this was what was causing the apparent difference in my leg length.

Steve, at the time I didn't even know that you were a doctor. And there was something in me that told me to trust you and give this a chance. You didn't know, but I had seen an orthopedic surgeon the week before the conference and scheduled an appointment to have surgery to shorten my right leg. Your intervention saved me a tremendous amount of pain and a year's recovery from very invasive surgery.

The week after I left the conference I went to California for three days and after that I went with my wife for three weeks to Italy. I walked everywhere while I was there. My wife said that sometimes she would not be able to keep up with me whereas before she would always have to wait on me when we went on walks. Sitting is also easier for me. I can go up and down stairs without holding the handrail. My stamina has increased greatly. One of the greatest pleasures is that I don't constantly live with pain in my pelvis and sacroilliac joint. There were many days in the past that I took as many as 16 advil to try to relieve the pain. My trip to Italy was virtually pain free. And I have constantly had sciatica pain in my right leg since the accident. It is still there but where before it was constantly an 8 on a scale of I to I 0, now it is maybe a 2 or 3. I bought 5 new pair of shoes in Italy and walked out the door with them on. I haven't been able to do that for 36 years.

I am so grateful to you for all that you did for me, Steve. Each morning when I wake up and put on one of the regular shoes I bless you and thank the universe for the healing that I experienced. This handicap was (in the Past) constantly with me. And now it is virtually gone.

You are a good man with a great heart. I thank you from the depth of my soul.

All the best to you and yours.

Your friend,

-Charles Koetting

November 18, 2019

I have played professional golf for 40 years, in the last 20 years I have had many back problems and have seen over 100 specialists, without significant results. After seeing Dr. Davidson for three visits, he not only found my problem but is on the way to correcting it.

-John A. Jacobs

November 18, 2019

Dear Dr. Davidson,

I am Lee Hubbard, mother of Richard Hubbard, who was your patient at around age 3 or 4 who had been diagnosed with nephrosis. I don't know exactly what you did, (neurofascial release) but he became symptom free and is now 27 years old....I was just checking the internet and found your web page.

I just wanted to thank you for what you did for my son. I have 4 other children now, and have become a health teacher in middle school in CT. I plan to move back to AZ when my baby graduates from high school in 2 years.

Keep up the good work.

Most sincerely,

-Lee Hubbard

November 17, 2019

Good morning Dr. Stephen:

I wanted you to know that the pain in my knees has decreased to the point where I haven't taken any arthrotec for a week now.  Ibuprofen (1200 mg/day) is enough.  And I've been doing things like sitting cross-legged, and the "pigeon" pose in yoga, that I haven't been able to do in years, completely without pain (if I'm careful.)  I  can also feel the ground sloping or rising under my left foot (extremely useful on snowy, icy sidewalks) which I haven't been able to do since reconstructive ankle surgery 25 years ago.  All of which I would have put in the "astronomically improbable" category just a month ago.   It's like turning back the clock on my body. (I caught a bit of an "Extreme Makeover" show on TV, the one where they do punitive training regimes and drastic cosmetic surgery before they pile on the makeup and hairdos and new clothes - and it struck me how superficial all that was compared with the transformation I am so happily experiencing.)

It's true that I do have all sorts of new odd little twinges here and there around my torso, but I figure that's the soft tissue adjusting to the new positioning and ROM.  I'm being careful to do yoga daily, to facilitate that, and I've found some manipulative osteopaths here in Calgary (UK trained) who at least talk the talk, so I'll try them out for a follow-up in a few weeks.

Your skill and talent have made a world of difference to me, and my gratitude and admiration are proportionate.  Don't be surprised if you get a lot more visitors from Calgary.

Warmest regards,


November 17, 2019

This is my ten-year anniversary since first contacting you on the recommendation of Dr. Devine. I can't tell you how great my body feels today, compared to ten years ago. My mobility and range of motion today far surpass my greatest expectations. I am more agile today than I can ever remember since doing my marvelous “hand stand” that destroyed my body years ago. It's amazing how handicapped I was looking back over the years since the change was so gradual. Only now can I appreciate being able to function normally at my age.

November 17, 2019

To: People that hurt & are Tired of Hurting.

My name is Gene Pentkowski. I am 82 years and still kicking. I have fallen off a number of roofs, ruined my back playing football, had a horse sit in my lap. The past several years suffered low back pain, Pain in my left knee, and pain and swell in my right heel. My Primary Care M.D. Prescribed pain pills for the back pain, a different one for the left knee, and still another for the right heel. I've been poked & prodded X-rayed and run through Cat Scans and the result was diagnosed with C.O.P.D.

Well, after being sick and tired of the pill rolling a different approach was needed. I made my first appointment with Dr. Stephen Davidson D.O. I wanted a the Practice of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I certainly wanted and got one of the best. Well, after my initial visit, pain and swelling was gone in my right heel, pain and weakness gone in the left knee, and back pain relieved. For a week I was rid of the cough that had been day & nite. Dr. Davidson treats the Cause of the malady not the symptoms. His treatment reminds me of Electricity, I don’t have to understand it to use it. All I need to do is to flip the switch, or plug it in. All that’s required here is to KEEP MY APPOINTMENT.

-Gene Pentkowski

November 10, 2019

-Parkinson’s Disease

I came to see Dr. Davidson for help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. A neurologist had given me lots of medication for Parkinson’s which left me feeling like a zombie. I was emotionally shutdown and very desperate as there is no known cure for this disease.

About a year and a half ago, I fell down some stairs and hit the tile floor on my right shoulder and hip. Until Dr. Davidson asked if I have fallen recently, I had not associated the tremor in my right hand and arm with my shoulder injury. I was stunned when Dr. Dee said, “you don’t have Parkinson’s, your problem stems from your fall.”

I was able to get off of all medications and continue to work with Dr. Davidson. The tremor is almost gone and I’m back at the gym working on the treadmill and bike and walk for miles with my husband each day.

All this from a person who thought she was doomed to suffer and die from a frightening disease!

Thank you, Dr. D.!!!

-Anita Pentkowski

November 10, 2019

-Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome

I have been privileged to be treated by Dr. Stephen Davidson D.O. for a number of situations over the past several years. He was recommended to me by an acquaintance at the time I was experiencing leg and back pain.

In November of 2008, 1 developed breast cancer. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Unfortunately, the surgery was followed by an onslaught of varied debilitating symptoms which included incessant burning and itching, an overwhelming tightness across my chest with episodes of a twisting sensation. Often I felt an icy coldness and clamminess in my breast area. For the most part, I found that my doctors seemed unaware of this condition. I learned that Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome was not unique to me but was experienced in varying degrees by many breast cancer patients.

Ten months following my surgery, I visited Dr. Davidson for another issue. At this time, he inquired about my recovery from the breast cancer surgery. He clearly realized that I was stressed and not doing well. He began treating me that day for PMPS (Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome) and gradually over a period of many months, I improved to the point that some of my symptoms have disappeared completely and others have become more manageable.

Dr. Davidson possesses an understanding demeanor and seems most interested in healing his patients. His method of treatment is in part a gentle manipulation in an effort to eliminate muscle strains throughout the body. I have experienced many problems with my lymphatic system and his manipulation has often allowed the system to drain, giving me much needed relief.

My treatments take place in his office with my lying on a treatment table in various positions. These positions vary depending of the specific area the doctor is working. Dr. Davidson treats the whole body, checking to assure that the various systems are functioning correctly.

Looking back over the past years, I can't imagine the quality of my life had I not been able to be treated by Dr. Davidson. He has been a God send for me.

Scottsdale, AZ

November 10, 2019

I have been a patient of Dr. Davidson's for twenty years.

When I have received little or no relief from conventional medicine, Dr. Davidson has been able to solve most issues in one treatment.

Glendale, AZ

November 10, 2019

Dear Dr. Davidson,

I so much enjoyed being a demo patient last weekend at the advanced class. As a result, I am standing up straighter and taller feeling much expansion in my chest along with the ease of having my shoulders fall back where they belong. As a consequence, my despair about the condition lifted (although yesterday I had a diagnosis of osteoporosis) and there is just a comfortable feeling in my entire body. The work is profound.

Tucson, AZ

November 10, 2019

Dr Davidson has made a profound change in our daughter’s life.  She has Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromylgia.  She also had a rather severe Sciolis and unstable very low blood pressure.  She was only able to take about 2 courses in college per semester and was able to do very little else.

By the end of her undergraduate work she was going full time and has just finished her first year in Law School – full time and in another state.

Dr Davidson corrected the severe Scoliosus in her lower back on her first visit and his work on her neck and skull has given her a stable blood pressure and MUCH more energy.  Dr. Davidson’s manipulations along with the medications she takes have given her back a full life.  Dr. Davidson has really helped other members of my family as well, when they had injuries or chronic conditions.

I recommend him very highly.

-Grateful Mom

November 10, 2019

My experience with Dr. Steven Davidson and NeuroFascial Release work was extremely positive. I contacted Dr. Davidson at the recommendation of a friend as I had been seriously injured by a physical therapist seven months prior and had been left completely unable to walk. I had been diagnosed by various medical personnel in that time frame with several different diagnoses, mainly acute tendinitis, bilateral compartment syndrome and/or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. No method of treatment was offered to me by any practitioner. I sought help from orthopedists, osteopaths, physical therapists and chiropractors prior to meeting Dr. Davidson. The injuty had left me in extreme pain from my left foot all the way up to my low back The foot was discolored, disfigured and oozing fluid from the toe bed of the large toe. I was constantly in severe pain and discomfort. and completely unable to walk.

During our first session together, Dr. Davidson was able to identify three structural dislocations I had been suffering from the entire time, all of which had previously gone undiagnosed by various medical practitioners and MRI?s. After making the structural corrections, Dr. Davidson began utilizing NeuroFascial Release to catalyze the deeper levels of healing that needed to take place. Having been injured and left undiagnosed for such a long time, I knew treatment would require patience, persistence and trust on my part. Over the course of seven weeks, Dr. Davidson was able to reduce my pain significantly, enhance my range of motion and greatly assist my body to begin its own healing process. I received wonderful treatment from a truly great practitioner and my body is showing the results. I had not been given much encouragement by other practitioners in terms of ever recovering, but Dr. Davidson?s expertise and NeuroFascial Release work has helped me begin to turn the corner towards full recovery. I can never thank him enough for this gift.

Deborah S.
Washington State

November 10, 2019

Dear Dr. Davidson,

I just wanted to thank you for treating me yesterday. I have experienced a great amount of pain relief and, in fact, I have no back pain at all today. I don't even think I realized how much my pain was affecting my movement and my life. I feel like my young self again. I am glad I was able to see the results of your treatment first hand and I am grateful for all that you ahve done for Andrew, Rob and I. Thanks again, and we'll see you soon.


Phoenix, AZ

November 10, 2019

Dear Steve --

Thank you again for such a fine course!  And thank you for taking the feedback in the appreciative and positive spirit in which it was meant.

I wanted to let you know that I noticed many good effects from your treatment right away — this breathing in two lungs is of course really great!  Yesterday – on our last warm day here – I painted my front and back porches and still had energy to spare, pretty unheard of for me – and as sore spots started complaining later in the day, I put my hand on whatever I could reach and found release points and woke up this morning not sore from the painting at all – now, that’s REALLY unheard of!

When I left Steve’s office the first thing I noticed was that my distance vision was distinctly better – I could see sharp outlines on the leaves on trees again!  Very beautiful, thank you so much...  And colors seemed richer though that’s harder to be sure of.  I went shopping this evening and forgot my reading glasses – but I could read labels, by squinting to be sure but it would have been impossible before.

For the better part of a year now when I go to switch lanes on the highway I check at least 4 times, very frustrating, my rational brain knows that I saw what I needed to see the FIRST time!  Now I’m switching lanes in a much more normal fashion – that uncertainty or lack of processing, and feeling of alarm are much abated.  I stopped in at David Burns’ office to see Bob Mastrianni and he had me sit in on T.G's treatment — and she was saying the SAME things about highway driving and how it had changed!!!!

There are more subtle changes in other OCD [symptoms] — I’ve worked with that in other ways that have helped too, but there was a significant good change after my appt with you.

David remarked about my vision because he could see the change in my eyes, and the lack of strain and good new color in my face.  Like many other middle-aged women I have some feeling about the changes in my skin, weight, and hair but they don’t bother me very much.  What I’ve really felt though, is that for the past number of years when I look in the mirror it’s been sad to be looking at ‘old-woman’ eyes – that’s partly a too-much-sympathetic problem but also there’s been a lack of luster - and now there’s a good shift back – thank you, thank you.

I’m getting used to having nice color in my face, and to having shoulders that are closer to level with each other.  My right shoulder has been down since I was 11 years old! (when I had an episode of torticollis – happened in the middle of a school day, nasty and took the better part of a week and a whole lot of hot packs to resolve very much – ever since the problem has been identified as a high left shoulder, not a dropped right one.  Sorry there were things I forgot to tell you, including a couple of broken bones – so many body parts, so little time!) Think that might explain a few things???  I tried Fulford’s arms-out breathing exercise (which always felt so awful to do that I had long ago given up) -- and what a lovely experience to have it feel GOOD to do!!


October 26, 2019

Several years ago I was having a great deal of difficulty with emotions, the nervous system, nausea, etc.

Having discovered that I reacted adversely to drugs I rejected their use in this case.  I was finally referred to Dr. Davidson who immediately diagnosed me as having my diaphragm "out of place." [Meaning, structurally strained.. SMD] He carefully manuevered it back and immediately I felt all of those terrible symptoms disappear.  I have since had occasion to have fascia tissue released by osteopathic physicians and the result is nothing short of miraculous.  Dr. Davidson is so skilled in this phase of osteopathy.  I thank God for such physicians.

Evelyn Long
Cardington, OH

October 25, 2019

At 16, my daughter developed what eventually was diagnosed as a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS). She easily fit the Center For Disease Control's criteria for the disease with the following symptoms:

  • debilitating fatigue
  • joint and muscle aches
  • severe headaches (24 hours a day — only the degree of severity varied)
  • unrestful sleep
  • digestive issues
  • spiking fevers

After seeing a variety of medical personnel ranging from traditional medical doctors., a naturopathic physician, a psychologist, an endocrinologist, an acupuncturist, a neurologist, a renowned headache clinic, a doctor of osteopathy. and a cranio-sacral physical therapist, she worked with a few of them and her condition had improved perhaps 50%. The digestive issues were cleared up. The fatigue had diminished, but reared its head cyclically. However, there was no progress on what had been diagnosed as "persistent daily migraines" by the headache clinic. And she hit a plateau and stayed there in spite of many new tests and new treatments.

In frustration, I asked the physical therapist whom we trusted "If Kathryn were your daughter, what would you do now that we have tried everything?" He said he would have Dr. Steve Davidson of Phoenix, Arizona look at her. "Why" I asked. "He's the master diagnostician. . . .the guru who teaches the rest of us. He can find things most of us can*t see or feel. There is something blocking all of Kathryn*s energy in her head and if anyone can figure it out, he can," he replied. He gave us the information to contact Dr. Davidson.

After checking out Dr. Davidson's website and reading some articles he had written, I contacted him. After reviewing Kathryn's information, he agreed to see us in January of 2005 while she was home from college. When we flew to Phoenix, Kathryn was really in bad shape. She had significant pain in her back and shoulders and was consistently slumped over. Her headaches were severe, and she was pale, gray and very tired. But after having seen nearly 20 different medical practitioners in three years and suffering through all kinds of tests and treatments, she was cynical that "another doctor could do anything for her". But she loves Arizona, so she went.

At the first appointment, she went into Dr. Davidson's treatment room and 38 minutes later she walked into the waiting room. I could not believe my eyes or my ears. She was standing very straight, had color in her cheeks, her eyes were shining, and she said, "Mom, this guy is a genius!" To me, a different young woman came out of that office than the one who went in.

Dr. Davidson then met with us and explained that he had found major connective tissue issues and minor bone problems in her neck and head that were preventing the even flow of lymph, blood and energy up and down her body. In addition, her shoulder was mildly dislocated which he had fixed. Based on her history, he believed her head and neck problems were the result of a series of injuries over the years (e.g. a broken femur, a major knee injury and a broken tailbone — which was new to us) that twisted her body and eventually produced some hormonal and chemical imbalances and physical issues.

The local people here in Connecticut had straightened out many of the major problems lower in her body, but the major, and subtle neck and head problems they could not find. But Dr. Davidson could.

Dr. Davidson treated Kathryn twice more before we returned home. And she came back in the best shape she had been in 3 years. He even spent over 2 hours on the phone with our local physical therapist upon our return to be sure he understood and could treat Kathryn appropriately. After the detailed instructions, he was able to work on the same issues as her body tended to return to the negative position out of habit.

Based on Dr. Davidson's diagnosis, Kathryn also began naturopathic treatment for low thyroid. Apparently, this twisting prevents a steady flow of hormones to the thyroid with negative consequences. We were never able to "catch this" on a test, but the physical treatments and the consistent thyroid medications have improved Kathryn*s health. Her fatigue lessened and the intensity of her headaches diminished as well between the medical and physical treatments.

The location of Kathryn's college prevents her from getting the continuous physical treatments that she needs to permanently address her problems. Unfortunately, there are no providers in the area with the appropriate training to continue these treatments. However, with her improved health, Kathryn was able to study in Russia this semester and one of Dr. Davidson*s students in Moscow is now providing some of the treatment she requires. That referral was critical as her health was deteriorating.

If necessary, we will return to Arizona for continuous treatments with Dr. Davidson over an extended time. But his work in just one week and his willingness to work with other providers changed her prospects from slim to hopeful. It allowed her a physical respite from symptoms which benefitted her physically and emotionally. It is amazing to me how his work makes such a difference and helped Kathryn in her quest for good health.

KC - Connecticut