Advanced Neurofascial Release Course



This video takes fascia release to new heights by expanding the kinds of phenomenon that may come into play when treating the human mechanism. Once you are aware of these phenomenon, you will find them often and can use the Neurofascial Release paradigm to find the release point that resolves the aberration.

The DVD has practical exercises with graphic illustrations to help you see with your minds eye, these phenomenon and how to fix them.

Among the concepts are:

● Using cranial mechanism’s expansion and contraction to help you identify a standing wave. This includes a palpatory exercise using the palpatory cranial mechanism fluid dynamics.
● Tracing fascial patterns to bring them to for so you can release them locally and throughout the whole body.

● Identifying the key lesion–that area, about which the entire mechanism is organized and cannot become free. This will save you many hours of treating all the effects of this key lesion and getting nothing fixed.  When you fix the key lesion, all its aberrations go away instantly.

The Advanced Neurofascial Release Course, a follow on course to the Neurofascial Release Course, takes you to the next step in your diagnostic and clinical acumen.

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Advanced NeuroFascial Release: Advanced Concepts DVD $149.95