Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O. Class Notes

What an exciting discovery to come upon such clear class notes of our profession’s founder, Andrew Taylor Still.


With simple language, Dr. Haverlin  recorded the clear and insightful reasoning that hallmarks all true Osteopathic thought. With a basic knowledge of anatomy and the ability to visualize the living tissues, the reader can glean many pearls of wisdom from these few pages.


Our patients still suffer from similar maladies that Dr. Still’s patients suffered from at the turn of the century. A little practice with the techniques described here may make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful  clinical experience.


Although the principles of structure and function are well-known to practicing osteopathic physicians, another repetition and perspective just lets us see a little more of old Dr. Still’s squirrel in the tree.


I hope you enjoy this little work and find some helpful insights in it.


Stephen M. Davidson, D.O., C-SPOMM

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