Homeopathic First Aid And Home Learning Course

Homeopathic First Aid Home & Home Learning Course

by Stephen Myles Davidson, D.O.,C-SPOMM

Think of the hundreds of minor daily afflictions you could help if only you knew how!

The Homeopathic First Aid Home Learning Course helps you to:

  • Speed healing and recovery time
  • Enhance your Doctor’s care
  • Save money

Discover new ways to ease the suffering from colds, fly, headaches, PMS, minor aches and pains, sunburn, intoxication, burns and infections.

Your Homeopathic Home Learning Program Contains:*

  • 2 hour “You are there!” conference quality DVD
  • 32 page Workbook covering 15 commonly used remedies
  • Traumatic man laminate: a graphic guide to first aid use
Homeopathic First Aid & Home Learning Course
-Full Package$49.95
-DVD Package$39.95
-32 Page Workbook$15.95
-Traumatic Man$2.50

* Before using this or any other self-help information, please check with your doctor first


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