Dear Reader.

I am a 45 year—old woman who has suffered with swelling in my knees for the past 15 years.
I am a teacher and a tennis player and can*t live without playing.
I lived with the swelling for 11 years. I was sent to a doctor that (after many tests) didn’t know what was causing the swelling. He told me that I would need exploratory surgery to figure it out. After surgery, the doctor said that I had rheumatoid arthritis and that I should see another doctor. The Rheumatologist said that I really did not have rheumatoid but we would try the treatment.

The treatment involved taking the drugs Plaquinel and Motrin. I took those drugs for about 4 years. They worked on and off. I had a flair this spring and I was very depressed.

Mv Mom found Dr. Stephen Davidson (my hero) and sent me to him.

Dr. Davidson does Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He looked at my body as a whole, he noticed that my hips were out of alignment (something no other doctor has ever noticed before). Dr. Davidson explained that my hips were causing my knee swelling.

He did his gentle “magic”. I really didn*t feel much, but noticed that I felt taller when I walked. I have progressively gotten better with my visits. My range of motion with my knees is better than it has been for 15 years. I am off all medications and am playing lots of tennis.

I call Dr. Davidson “The Healer”. He reminds me that it is called Osteopathy. He has worked to learn these “healing” techniques for over 30 years. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers.