Linda Strauss

Dear Dr. Davidson:

I just wanted to thank you. With all the trouble I had with my arm and shoulder with that incredibly incapacitating pinched nerve, I never thought I’d be able to work comfortably (and yes, hour upon hour, as is my want!) You already know I sought and received treatment from the “best” doctors in Arizona, but none of them ultimately cured the problem…until now!

You and your little white homeopathic pills saved the day…the year! Who’d have thought?! I take two “Stannum 200” in the morning and then have NO cramping or discomfort in my arm all day. As a result, I can blissfully work from morning to night once again. I’m truly grateful.

You’ve made a convert to homeopathy! For a non-pill taker such as me, taking those little white pills these last four months was a big deal. It’s very reassuring to know that unlike regular medicine, I can take these forever with no side effects. Thank you!!!


~Linda Strauss