Manual Medicine: A Primer

Manual Medicine — A Primer

by Stephen Myles Davidson, D.O., C-SPOMM

mmapcvrAs a young osteopathic physician, I believed teaching family members to do simple manipulations on the other family members at home. It got the patients better quicker. So, early on in the office, I started teaching patients some basic manual methods to do at home. As the demand for information from their families and friends exceeded my time to demonstrate procedures in the office, I began doing little weekend courses.

After a few years of teaching these courses, I recognized that the course needed a textbook or manual. As I began planning and writing the workbook, I naively thought, “I’ll finish this book in six months — tops.”

Six years later, the work was finally done. Well, not really. I could have kept refining and refining the book forever.

What took so long was this : In my medical training, I had learned to speak “Medicalese”. So my reading audience could understand what I was talking about, I now had to learn to speak “English” all over again.

As you can imagine, this re-education took a long time with many false starts. Why, I re-wrote the final chapter on spinal manipulation twenty-eight rewrites to make it clear and concise. I am a thorough, other wise known as a slow learner.

Only when I thought I had the pictures and descriptions down to simplified yet complete form, did I do market testing. I gave the book to my non-medically trained friends to practice. When they could do the procedures from the book accurately, I knew the explanations and descriptions would work. Still, I thought the book needed something more.

As my publisher and I were growing old together (I was then pushing 33, oh my!), he finally admonished me, “There comes a time …” He was right. We went to press.

So, you wonder, this is a great story but just what is this book about,.

It’s about a simple osteopathic principle, treating the host, the person who has the illness.

While medicine treats the illness with drugs and surgery, osteopathy treats the host. He uses his hands to normalize structural mal alignments that eventually impair normal function. He stimulates the inherent healing power of the body (that which make you different from the computer screen you are looking at) to work better in a more mechanically correct body. He tunes the car so the driver gets a better, longer, more trouble-free and enjoyable ride.

Manual Medicine — A Primer explains the anatomy and takes you step-by-step through and the why and how of the procedures.

We include rib and chest maneuveurs to help improve respiratory function in many situations where improved breathing would help such as pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. The thoracic pump described there saved thousands of lives during the 1917 flu epidemic, the flu that decimated the world’s population.

With “Bird Flu” epidemic coming along, the thoracic pump could help you and your loved ones do something more to improve the body’s immune response and augment the already excellent medical care you will receive.

We include lymphatic techniques to move fluids when disease causes fluid stagnation such as in the flu, a cold, the hangover or congestive heart failure. It helps gets the toxins out of the cellular areas into circulation and out the excretory system. Removing toxins at the cellular level improves how those tissues work and encourages the inherent healing power of the body to do a better job of bringing the person back to health.

We include splenic pump techniques to get the white blood cells into circulation so they can, in larger numbers, search and destroy the bacterial and viral enemy. This immune protection process is a normal one, we just speed it up a bit.

We include some gentle spinal manipulations for tweaks in the neck and back from overuse and strain situations (middle-aged weekend warrior) or just plain sleeping in the wrong position.

I could go on-and-on but my girl friend is calling me for dinner. She’s been running out of patience while I was writing this ad. I should have started earlier. So I’ve got to go now. You know what I mean. You can find more examples of when to use the procedures in the book when you get it.

[Now, anyone like you with professional guidance, can help themselves andtheir families naturally at home for common non-emergent type health problems. See what Manual Medicine — A Primer can do for you, your loved ones and your friends.]

Read what one of our reader’s thought about Manual Medicine — A Primer

“This book is a real find as a practical guide for how you can help bring relief to friends and family who are bedridden, fighting an infection, suffering from chest congestion or just in pain. The author, Dr. Davidson, decided to write this book following the popularity of his patient workshops on this information.”

“With this book’s easy-to-understand diagrams and information, Dr. Davidson teaches four gentle techniques aimed at restoring health. He briefly explains how the body works so you can see how these techniques can effectively boost circulation, jumpstart the immune system, ease pain and alleviate chest congestion. A few of the conditions he lists in which these techniques are useful include strep, the flu, bronchitis, poor circulation, swelling, emphysema, pneumonia, and infections.”

“I’ve already successfully used two of the techniques. Just knowing I can help the next time someone’s health is threatened is well worth having this book. I believe a few of the procedures, especially the “Thoracic Pump,” could be as important to know as CPR.”

And Later . . .

Hi Steve,

While my 20-year-old daughter was over the other day, she started wheezing and feeling quite tight in the chest. She sometimes uses an inhaler, but didn’t have it with her. So……. I got to try the thoracic release for the first time. Even though I “know” it works, it was so relieving to know what to do and to actually see it work. Wow, to be able to make that kind of a difference gave me an incredible feeling.

She was so relieved, she had me teach her boyfriend how to do it, since he’s around her more than me.

Thank you!

Roxann Christensen, ABT
Asian Bodywork Therapist
Phoenix, Arizona

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This book contains general information only. It does not contain specific medical advice. It is not a substitute for a patient consulting with his or her own physician regarding particular symptoms and appropriate treatment.

This book is designed to help patients understand Osteopathic manipulative therapy in connection with treatment by a physician. Do not use it for self-treatment.


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