Jim Sargeant

Hi Dr. Davidson:

I thought you might appreciate our results based upon applying the knowledge obtained from the “Fulford DVD”. My wife Joyce has not been able to get lasting lower back & leg pain relief for the past 4 years. We watched the first DVD from the Dr. Fulford series and learned that the first action to be taken is to get a release in the solar plexus area; he said if this is not done , permanant relief cannot be obtained from other treatments.

I cautiously did this first treatment to Joyce two days ago, got a release and immediately she was pain free and has remained so for these two days . This was particularly amazing to us because she has seen several DOs and many others over the past years without achieving permanent results. She still has some stiffness in her lower back so I plan to study the remaining DVDs and if I feel comfortable, apply the techniques.

I will provide you with additional updates, if you would like them.


-Jim Sargeant