Ripe For Plucking, An Office Management Tool

RIPE FOR PLUCKING! An Office Management Tool

RFP_logoA New D.O.’s Survival Guide
by Stephen Davidson, D.O.C-SPOMM, and Eric Dolgin, D.O.(President Cranial Academy 2006)

RFP offers you the benefit of over 20 years office management experience to save you years of trial and errorand thousands of dollars! (AOA approved in CME category 2-B for two hours.)

Your Survival Guide contains:

  • 88 page manual of working documents to use for patients, insurance companies and more
  • IBM/MAC word processing computer disk so you can simply transfer needed documents to your own letterhead
  • 160 page edited transcript
  • 3 hours of listening on two audiotapes

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Ripe For Plucking
An Office Management Tool


This book contains general information only and does not offer specific legal, accounting, or bookkeeping advice.  Before using any of the documents, please see an appropriate professional.  No warranties are implied.

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