How To Get Your Patients To Show You Their Strange, Rare And Peculiar Symptoms!

by Stephen Myles Davidson, D.O.,C-SPOMM

Wouldn’t it be great if you could physically confirm ALL your remedy choices?

  • Learn how to creatively fashion your own diagnostic tools from Kent’s small rubricks.
  • This program was originally presented to the Ohio, Southern and Michigan Homeopathic Societies and the American Institute Of Homeopathy.
  • Through humor and clinical examples, you will learn how to be “right” almost all of the time

How To Get Your Patients To Show You The Strange, Rare, and Peculiar Symptoms

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    How to Get Your Patients to Show You Their Strange, Rare & Peculiar Symptoms
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    *The information in this program is intended to be used only under appropriate medical supervision.  For diagnosis and treatment of human ailments, please see your licensed health professional.

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