Charles Koetting

Dear Steve,

I am remiss in sending you a response thanking you for your help in my healing at the February NVC conference in Albuquerque. I just wanted to let you know what a blessing it has been in my life.

Thirty six years ago I fell approximately 50 feet (5 stories) on a construction project in Nebraska. As a result of the fall, my pelvis was fractured and misaligned and my left leg was short. Through extensive surgeries, the leg length was corrected but I still wore a I inch lift on my left shoe to enable me to walk. Even then, I walked with a limp. If I walked without my shoe more than just across the house, my back would hurt and I would be in pain. Without my shoe I walked with my right leg bent all the time to correct for the pelvic discrepancy.

During the third day of the conference you came up to me and told me you wanted to talk to me. You noticed my problem and told me that my pelvis was out of alignment. After some conversation you asked me to come to your room, take my shoes off so you could see that was happening and then you asked me to lay on the bed on my stomach. After working with me for ten to fifteen minutes you asked me to stand. I did and you saw that my hips and pelvis were even. You told me to go to the store and buy some new shoes. And I did. You later explained to me that my pelvis had been twisted and that this was what was causing the apparent difference in my leg length.

Steve, at the time I didn’t even know that you were a doctor. And there was something in me that told me to trust you and give this a chance. You didn’t know, but I had seen an orthopedic surgeon the week before the conference and scheduled an appointment to have surgery to shorten my right leg. Your intervention saved me a tremendous amount of pain and a year’s recovery from very invasive surgery.

The week after I left the conference I went to California for three days and after that I went with my wife for three weeks to Italy. I walked everywhere while I was there. My wife said that sometimes she would not be able to keep up with me whereas before she would always have to wait on me when we went on walks. Sitting is also easier for me. I can go up and down stairs without holding the handrail. My stamina has increased greatly. One of the greatest pleasures is that I don’t constantly live with pain in my pelvis and sacroilliac joint. There were many days in the past that I took as many as 16 advil to try to relieve the pain. My trip to Italy was virtually pain free. And I have constantly had sciatica pain in my right leg since the accident. It is still there but where before it was constantly an 8 on a scale of I to I 0, now it is maybe a 2 or 3. I bought 5 new pair of shoes in Italy and walked out the door with them on. I haven’t been able to do that for 36 years.

I am so grateful to you for all that you did for me, Steve. Each morning when I wake up and put on one of the regular shoes I bless you and thank the universe for the healing that I experienced. This handicap was (in the Past) constantly with me. And now it is virtually gone.

You are a good man with a great heart. I thank you from the depth of my soul.

All the best to you and yours.

Your friend,

-Charles Koetting