Murray Schreiber, D.O.

It was my privilege to meet Dr. Davidson in the early eighties at medical meeting at Phoenix General Hospital. Steve has a way of making strangers into friends. For me and my family, this has proven to be a profound blessing. We have benefited greatly from his unique effective “neurofascial” release treatment.

One example: My son is a physician in Las Vegas. He developed a painful very disabling low back pain and an MRI indicated to a competent orthopedic surgeon that he would need extensive back surgery with fusion of several lumbar vertebrae. I insisted that he get on a plane and come to Phoenix to see our friend, Dr. Steve Davidson. My son arrived in a wheel chair. After one treatment, he was able to get up and move around, sit, stand and feel no pain. This was several years ago and he has done well to the amazement of the orthopedist that he occasionally encounters.

-Murray Schreiber, D.O.