Anita Pentkowski

-Parkinson’s Disease

I came to see Dr. Davidson for help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. A neurologist had given me lots of medication for Parkinson’s which left me feeling like a zombie. I was emotionally shutdown and very desperate as there is no known cure for this disease.

About a year and a half ago, I fell down some stairs and hit the tile floor on my right shoulder and hip. Until Dr. Davidson asked if I have fallen recently, I had not associated the tremor in my right hand and arm with my shoulder injury. I was stunned when Dr. Dee said, “you don’t have Parkinson’s, your problem stems from your fall.”

I was able to get off of all medications and continue to work with Dr. Davidson. The tremor is almost gone and I’m back at the gym working on the treadmill and bike and walk for miles with my husband each day.

All this from a person who thought she was doomed to suffer and die from a frightening disease!

Thank you, Dr. D.!!!

-Anita Pentkowski