IJ – Scottsdale, AZ

-Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome

I have been privileged to be treated by Dr. Stephen Davidson D.O. for a number of situations over the past several years. He was recommended to me by an acquaintance at the time I was experiencing leg and back pain.

In November of 2008, 1 developed breast cancer. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Unfortunately, the surgery was followed by an onslaught of varied debilitating symptoms which included incessant burning and itching, an overwhelming tightness across my chest with episodes of a twisting sensation. Often I felt an icy coldness and clamminess in my breast area. For the most part, I found that my doctors seemed unaware of this condition. I learned that Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome was not unique to me but was experienced in varying degrees by many breast cancer patients.

Ten months following my surgery, I visited Dr. Davidson for another issue. At this time, he inquired about my recovery from the breast cancer surgery. He clearly realized that I was stressed and not doing well. He began treating me that day for PMPS (Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome) and gradually over a period of many months, I improved to the point that some of my symptoms have disappeared completely and others have become more manageable.

Dr. Davidson possesses an understanding demeanor and seems most interested in healing his patients. His method of treatment is in part a gentle manipulation in an effort to eliminate muscle strains throughout the body. I have experienced many problems with my lymphatic system and his manipulation has often allowed the system to drain, giving me much needed relief.

My treatments take place in his office with my lying on a treatment table in various positions. These positions vary depending of the specific area the doctor is working. Dr. Davidson treats the whole body, checking to assure that the various systems are functioning correctly.

Looking back over the past years, I can’t imagine the quality of my life had I not been able to be treated by Dr. Davidson. He has been a God send for me.

Scottsdale, AZ