Gene Pentkowski

To: People that hurt & are Tired of Hurting.

My name is Gene Pentkowski. I am 82 years and still kicking. I have fallen off a number of roofs, ruined my back playing football, had a horse sit in my lap. The past several years suffered low back pain, Pain in my left knee, and pain and swell in my right heel. My Primary Care M.D. Prescribed pain pills for the back pain, a different one for the left knee, and still another for the right heel. I’ve been poked & prodded X-rayed and run through Cat Scans and the result was diagnosed with C.O.P.D.

Well, after being sick and tired of the pill rolling a different approach was needed. I made my first appointment with Dr. Stephen Davidson D.O. I wanted a the Practice of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I certainly wanted and got one of the best. Well, after my initial visit, pain and swelling was gone in my right heel, pain and weakness gone in the left knee, and back pain relieved. For a week I was rid of the cough that had been day & nite. Dr. Davidson treats the Cause of the malady not the symptoms. His treatment reminds me of Electricity, I don’t have to understand it to use it. All I need to do is to flip the switch, or plug it in. All that’s required here is to KEEP MY APPOINTMENT.

-Gene Pentkowski