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Ripe for the Plucking

Imagine opening your new professional office with the solid hindsight of twenty years experience in private practice, avoiding many of the costly and frustrating pitfalls. This complete home study program, which includes over 70 office forms and letters in a ready-to-use format that has saved and earned health professionals hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by:

  • enhancing collections from insurance companies and delinquent patients accounts
  • avoiding expensive traps dealing with the legal system and insurance companies
  • offering practical, time and money saving day-to-day office management procedures

Here’s just a sampling:

28 Patient Forms Including:

  • office policy sheets
  • patient intake forms
  • dunning letters
  • missed appointment letters
  • new patient map and information flyer
  • patient release letter
  • returned check letters
  • intermittent patient reports
  • airline refund letter

12 Insurance Letters Including:

  • refusal of insurance payment letters
  • return insurance check letters
  • refusal to provide tax I.D. number
  • insurance code payment letter
  • fee request letters to insurance company
  • insurance complaint form
  • classification letters

7 Attorney Letters Including:

  • 2 pages of instructions on being a witness
  • letter with fee structure for deposition request
  • attorney lien letters
  • MVA documents with report form, cover letter &
  • bill to attorney

15 Page Office Management Organizer Including:

  • 7 page comprehensive office management plan
  • patient medical supply sheet
  • travel expense voucher
  • MVA questionaire
  • forms to obtain medical records
  • fee increase announcement
  • away from office announcement
  • telephone message suggestions
Ripe For Plucking
An Office Management Tool
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