Ripe For The Plucking Testimonials

Ripe for Plucking Testimonials

“You should take your course to the osteopathic schools to teach in the fourth year.
It’s wonderful!  You’ll never hear this info from anyone else.”
– A. DeRoberts

“…I’ve been keeping track.  I find I’m saving (or earning) about $50.00 a day because
of your program!  To date, your letters have recovered over $4000 I wouldn’t
have gotten otherwise.  Not a bad return on such a small course investment!
– Paul Kaiser, D.O.

“This course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to avoid a lot of the common
problems that will occur in starting and running a practice.  This was the best
spent time of the (A.A.O.) Convocation!”  
– Lawrence M Uhrig, D.O.

“Great guideline[s].  I bought a course for the library at the West Virginia
School of Osteopathic Medicine.  I think any student or physician will want
[to read it]”.
– Linda Eagle, D.O.

“This is a paper world!  I have spent hours on correspondence from
insurance companies and attorneys.  With “Ripe for Plucking”, not only
will you cut your time from hours to minutes, you’ll also get paid for it too.”
– Phillip A. Wong, D.O.

“I have used “Ripe for Plucking since the day I got it.  It has increased my
collections by at least several thousand dollars a month.  It has also made
dealing with attorneys and insurance companies much easier.  I highly
recommend it.”
– Marilyn C. Wells, D.O.

Ripe For Plucking
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