Grateful Mom – Arizona

Dr Davidson has made a profound change in our daughter’s life.  She has Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromylgia.  She also had a rather severe Sciolis and unstable very low blood pressure.  She was only able to take about 2 courses in college per semester and was able to do very little else.

By the end of her undergraduate work she was going full time and has just finished her first year in Law School – full time and in another state.

Dr Davidson corrected the severe Scoliosus in her lower back on her first visit and his work on her neck and skull has given her a stable blood pressure and MUCH more energy.  Dr. Davidson’s manipulations along with the medications she takes have given her back a full life.  Dr. Davidson has really helped other members of my family as well, when they had injuries or chronic conditions.

I recommend him very highly.

-Grateful Mom