Deborah S – Washington State

My experience with Dr. Steven Davidson and NeuroFascial Release work was extremely positive. I contacted Dr. Davidson at the recommendation of a friend as I had been seriously injured by a physical therapist seven months prior and had been left completely unable to walk. I had been diagnosed by various medical personnel in that time frame with several different diagnoses, mainly acute tendinitis, bilateral compartment syndrome and/or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. No method of treatment was offered to me by any practitioner. I sought help from orthopedists, osteopaths, physical therapists and chiropractors prior to meeting Dr. Davidson. The injuty had left me in extreme pain from my left foot all the way up to my low back The foot was discolored, disfigured and oozing fluid from the toe bed of the large toe. I was constantly in severe pain and discomfort. and completely unable to walk.

During our first session together, Dr. Davidson was able to identify three structural dislocations I had been suffering from the entire time, all of which had previously gone undiagnosed by various medical practitioners and MRI?s. After making the structural corrections, Dr. Davidson began utilizing NeuroFascial Release to catalyze the deeper levels of healing that needed to take place. Having been injured and left undiagnosed for such a long time, I knew treatment would require patience, persistence and trust on my part. Over the course of seven weeks, Dr. Davidson was able to reduce my pain significantly, enhance my range of motion and greatly assist my body to begin its own healing process. I received wonderful treatment from a truly great practitioner and my body is showing the results. I had not been given much encouragement by other practitioners in terms of ever recovering, but Dr. Davidson?s expertise and NeuroFascial Release work has helped me begin to turn the corner towards full recovery. I can never thank him enough for this gift.

Deborah S.
Washington State