SC – Connecticut

Dear Steve —

Thank you again for such a fine course!  And thank you for taking the feedback in the appreciative and positive spirit in which it was meant.

I wanted to let you know that I noticed many good effects from your treatment right away — this breathing in two lungs is of course really great!  Yesterday – on our last warm day here – I painted my front and back porches and still had energy to spare, pretty unheard of for me – and as sore spots started complaining later in the day, I put my hand on whatever I could reach and found release points and woke up this morning not sore from the painting at all – now, that’s REALLY unheard of!

When I left Steve’s office the first thing I noticed was that my distance vision was distinctly better – I could see sharp outlines on the leaves on trees again!  Very beautiful, thank you so much…  And colors seemed richer though that’s harder to be sure of.  I went shopping this evening and forgot my reading glasses – but I could read labels, by squinting to be sure but it would have been impossible before.

For the better part of a year now when I go to switch lanes on the highway I check at least 4 times, very frustrating, my rational brain knows that I saw what I needed to see the FIRST time!  Now I’m switching lanes in a much more normal fashion – that uncertainty or lack of processing, and feeling of alarm are much abated.  I stopped in at David Burns’ office to see Bob Mastrianni and he had me sit in on T.G’s treatment — and she was saying the SAME things about highway driving and how it had changed!!!!

There are more subtle changes in other OCD [symptoms] — I’ve worked with that in other ways that have helped too, but there was a significant good change after my appt with you.

David remarked about my vision because he could see the change in my eyes, and the lack of strain and good new color in my face.  Like many other middle-aged women I have some feeling about the changes in my skin, weight, and hair but they don’t bother me very much.  What I’ve really felt though, is that for the past number of years when I look in the mirror it’s been sad to be looking at ‘old-woman’ eyes – that’s partly a too-much-sympathetic problem but also there’s been a lack of luster – and now there’s a good shift back – thank you, thank you.

I’m getting used to having nice color in my face, and to having shoulders that are closer to level with each other.  My right shoulder has been down since I was 11 years old! (when I had an episode of torticollis – happened in the middle of a school day, nasty and took the better part of a week and a whole lot of hot packs to resolve very much – ever since the problem has been identified as a high left shoulder, not a dropped right one.  Sorry there were things I forgot to tell you, including a couple of broken bones – so many body parts, so little time!) Think that might explain a few things???  I tried Fulford’s arms-out breathing exercise (which always felt so awful to do that I had long ago given up) — and what a lovely experience to have it feel GOOD to do!!