Michele R Smith

Dr Davidson has extensive skills and gifts like no other medical professional I’ve ever experienced.

When I first saw Dr Davidson for help I was in extreme pain. 4 weeks earlier I’d had an unfortunate horse riding accident that left me with 4 titanium plates surgically installed to help 10 broken ribs heal up. I had punctured a lung and my hips and pelvis were way out of place and I sustained fractured vertebra in my lower back and was healing from severe internal bleeding at the time if the accident. The emotional and mental trauma were just as bad off. I was a healing mess in a lot of pain.

In just the very first session Dr Davidson very gently and skillfully put my dislocated ribs back where they belong and the sharp knife like pain was greatly relieved. He also very gently realigned my pelvic girdle and arm mobility. The homeopathic remedies he has prescribed also helped tremendously.

He works very gently but with very pronounced and powerful results every time.

I was able to stop all pain meds sooner than expected by my regular doctor with Dr Davidson’s treatments as well as the homeopathic assistance I needed.

He has not only treated the recent extensive injuries but has been able to help me heal old injuries from as far back as 40 years ago that hadn’t healed properly because I hadn’t had this kind of deep treatment that addresses everything, the ligaments, fascia, muscles, joints, bones, meridians everything involved in a balanced system.

It feels like he can see, hear and feel so much more than other doctors or healers I’ve been to over the years. I’m sure 40 plus years of experience has everything to do with that.

I feel I have been healing on more than just the physical level. The normal and expected grieving and releasing process from having experienced extreme near death trauma has been greatly assisted in its progress by Dr Davidson’s professional care and expert treatments.

His compassionate nature conbined with years of experience using and teaching his vast skills quickly and painlessly executed a healing experience that has gone above and beyond any medical professional or healing experience I’ve ever encountered before. The healing is deep.

I have only stayed in the area as long as I have because I value this rare opportunity to receive treatments from such a skilled Dr as he. Many years of only partially healed trauma have been healing along with the recent accident and I will be forever grateful for this chance at full healing at last.

Thank you and bless you Dr Davidson,

-Michele R Smith