KC – Connecticut

At 16, my daughter developed what eventually was diagnosed as a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS). She easily fit the Center For Disease Control’s criteria for the disease with the following symptoms:

  • debilitating fatigue
  • joint and muscle aches
  • severe headaches (24 hours a day — only the degree of severity varied)
  • unrestful sleep
  • digestive issues
  • spiking fevers

After seeing a variety of medical personnel ranging from traditional medical doctors., a naturopathic physician, a psychologist, an endocrinologist, an acupuncturist, a neurologist, a renowned headache clinic, a doctor of osteopathy. and a cranio-sacral physical therapist, she worked with a few of them and her condition had improved perhaps 50%. The digestive issues were cleared up. The fatigue had diminished, but reared its head cyclically. However, there was no progress on what had been diagnosed as “persistent daily migraines” by the headache clinic. And she hit a plateau and stayed there in spite of many new tests and new treatments.

In frustration, I asked the physical therapist whom we trusted “If Kathryn were your daughter, what would you do now that we have tried everything?” He said he would have Dr. Steve Davidson of Phoenix, Arizona look at her. “Why” I asked. “He’s the master diagnostician. . . .the guru who teaches the rest of us. He can find things most of us can*t see or feel. There is something blocking all of Kathryn*s energy in her head and if anyone can figure it out, he can,” he replied. He gave us the information to contact Dr. Davidson.

After checking out Dr. Davidson’s website and reading some articles he had written, I contacted him. After reviewing Kathryn’s information, he agreed to see us in January of 2005 while she was home from college. When we flew to Phoenix, Kathryn was really in bad shape. She had significant pain in her back and shoulders and was consistently slumped over. Her headaches were severe, and she was pale, gray and very tired. But after having seen nearly 20 different medical practitioners in three years and suffering through all kinds of tests and treatments, she was cynical that “another doctor could do anything for her”. But she loves Arizona, so she went.

At the first appointment, she went into Dr. Davidson’s treatment room and 38 minutes later she walked into the waiting room. I could not believe my eyes or my ears. She was standing very straight, had color in her cheeks, her eyes were shining, and she said, “Mom, this guy is a genius!” To me, a different young woman came out of that office than the one who went in.

Dr. Davidson then met with us and explained that he had found major connective tissue issues and minor bone problems in her neck and head that were preventing the even flow of lymph, blood and energy up and down her body. In addition, her shoulder was mildly dislocated which he had fixed. Based on her history, he believed her head and neck problems were the result of a series of injuries over the years (e.g. a broken femur, a major knee injury and a broken tailbone — which was new to us) that twisted her body and eventually produced some hormonal and chemical imbalances and physical issues.

The local people here in Connecticut had straightened out many of the major problems lower in her body, but the major, and subtle neck and head problems they could not find. But Dr. Davidson could.

Dr. Davidson treated Kathryn twice more before we returned home. And she came back in the best shape she had been in 3 years. He even spent over 2 hours on the phone with our local physical therapist upon our return to be sure he understood and could treat Kathryn appropriately. After the detailed instructions, he was able to work on the same issues as her body tended to return to the negative position out of habit.

Based on Dr. Davidson’s diagnosis, Kathryn also began naturopathic treatment for low thyroid. Apparently, this twisting prevents a steady flow of hormones to the thyroid with negative consequences. We were never able to “catch this” on a test, but the physical treatments and the consistent thyroid medications have improved Kathryn*s health. Her fatigue lessened and the intensity of her headaches diminished as well between the medical and physical treatments.

The location of Kathryn’s college prevents her from getting the continuous physical treatments that she needs to permanently address her problems. Unfortunately, there are no providers in the area with the appropriate training to continue these treatments. However, with her improved health, Kathryn was able to study in Russia this semester and one of Dr. Davidson*s students in Moscow is now providing some of the treatment she requires. That referral was critical as her health was deteriorating.

If necessary, we will return to Arizona for continuous treatments with Dr. Davidson over an extended time. But his work in just one week and his willingness to work with other providers changed her prospects from slim to hopeful. It allowed her a physical respite from symptoms which benefitted her physically and emotionally. It is amazing to me how his work makes such a difference and helped Kathryn in her quest for good health.

KC – Connecticut